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04.21.23. A conversation on The Animal of Existence with Vi Khi Nao published in X-R-A-Y.

12.14.22. The Animal of Existence featured in Tupelo Quarterly 28’s New Books: A Multimedia Roundtable.

11.25.22. “Tear” from The Animal of Existence published in The Brooklyn Review.

11.12.22. The Animal of Existence book launch with Anna Moschovakis and Emmalea Russo at Black Spring Books.​​

11.03.22. The Animal of Existence on SPD’s October 2022 Poetry Bestsellers list.​

10.19.22. A review of The Animal of Existence by Billie Chernicoff published in NEW Issue 1.

10.15.22. The Animal of Existence out today and available from Small Press Distribution.


10.07.22. The Animal of Existence in Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s October 2022 Book Preview.

08.18.22. The Animal of Existence forthcoming October 2022 from Black Square Editions.

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