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11.17.23. Reading with J. Gordon Faylor, Zan de Parry, Katie Ebbitt, Nicola Maye Goldberg, and Matthew Hodges.

09.18.23. Four poems published in Posit 34.

09.17.23. Reading at the 33rd Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival.

09.09.23. Reading at Powerhouse Arena with Julian Lucas and Libby Rothfeld.

09.01.23. “Lest We Forget to Rupture the Epiphanic Sapphire” published in the 1080Press Newsletter.

08.22.23. Five poems published in Tagvverk.

08.11.23. Reading at North Figueroa Bookshop with Will Alexander and Losarc Raal.

08.05.23. Reading at Et al. etc. with Norma Cole and Garrett Caples.

07.23.23. Reading at Flow Chart Foundation’s The Ingenious Mode: Expanding the Experimental Impulse of Poetry (11:15am-12pm).

07.16.23. Reading at Black Spring Books with Brenda Iijima, Katy Mongeau, Rachelle Rahmé, Chloe Bliss Snyder, and Ceremonial Abyss.

06.08.23. Reading at Caffeine Underground with Ceremonial Abyss.

06.04.23. Reading at Parkside Lounge with Donald Breckenridge, Pamela Ryder, and Moyna Pam Dick.

04.29.23. Reading at Weathered Wood with Rebecca Wolff, Joe Hall, and Levi Cain.

04.28.23. Reading at Diamond Hollow Books with Nyhne.

04.21.23. A conversation on The Animal of Existence with Vi Khi Nao published in X-R-A-Y.

04.01.23. On poetry’s mirror of indirection and Jacques Dupin’s “Commencer” for the CUNY Graduate Center.

03.26.23. Reading for the SPLASH Poetry Series at Spoonbill Books.

03.14.23. Five texts from Nevertheless published in Fence Issue 40.

03.10.23. Reading with Vi Khi Nao, Cedar Sigo, Losarc Raal, Zan de Parry, Ryan Skrabalak, Jessica Alexander, and Ceremonial Abyss.

03.10.23. ALTA panel on publishing literary translations at the AWP Conference & Bookfair (10:35-11:50am).

03.09.23. Reading for Margin Shift at Seattle Theosophical Library.

02.16.23. Reading at Colbo for the dear friend books TEXT/BOOK launch.

02.13.23. Reading for the Franklin Park Reading Series with Marlon James, A. M. Homes, Mike Albo, Moriel Rothman-Zecher, and Sarah Bridgins.

01.13.23. Reading at Pete’s Candy Store with Peter Gizzi and Tenaya Nasser-Frederick.

01.01.23. Reading at The Poetry Project’s 49th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon (2-3pm).

12.14.22. The Animal of Existence featured in New Books: A Multimedia Roundtable (Tupelo Quarterly 28).

11.25.22. “Tear” from The Animal of Existence published in The Brooklyn Review.

11.19.22. Reading at Private Public Gallery with John Yau and Billie Chernicoff.

11.12.22. Triple book launch at Black Spring Books with Anna Moschovakis and Emmalea Russo.

11.11.22. Reading at Sunview Luncheonette with Danika Stegeman LeMay, Olivia Muenz, and Isaac Pickell.

11.06.22. Reading at M. David & Co. Art Gallery with John Yau and Billie Chernicoff.

11.03.22. The Animal of Existence on SPD’s October 2022 Poetry Bestsellers list.

10.25.22. Reading for Divagations with Mónica de la Torre and Callie Garnett.

10.19.22. A review of The Animal of Existence by Billie Chernicoff and aphorisms from “Instilled” published in NEW Issue 1.

10.15.22. The Animal of Existence out today and available from Black Square Editions, Small Press Distribution, and

10.14.22. Reading at Powerhouse Arena with Will Augerot, Leah Sophia Dworkin, Chukwuma Ndulue, Evan Gorzeman, and Tamim Louise.

10.07.22. The Animal of Existence in Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s October 2022 Book Preview.

09.10.22. Reading at VERBATIM | text sound expo with Billie Chernicoff (2-2:20pm).

08.18.22. The Animal of Existence forthcoming October 2023 from Black Square Editions.

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